Teach For Georgia

Teach for Georgia is a grant from the Georgia Race to the Top Innovation Fund to help alleviate the critical shortage of qualified teachers in secondary (grades 6-12) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The projected 2014 hiring need for STEM qualified teachers in Georgia is 2247, while the projected number of qualified individuals completing certification programs in 2013 is only 1209.* Rural areas often suffer greater shortages than larger metro ones. Georgia Tech students and alumni are among the most highly qualified in the STEM fields and are able to help alleviate this problem. You can have a positive influence on the lives of students by teaching a STEM subject in a rural Georgia high school for two years and bring about change that will last a lifetime. *Georgia PSC, 10/2012

Teach for Georgia is not part of Teach for America or AmeriCorps. The Teach for Georgia program is similar to Teach for America but serves the areas of Georgia that Teach for America does not. Teach for America serves 46 national regions including Metro Atlanta. Teach for Georgia serves many rural counties within the state outside of Metro Atlanta.

Teach for Georgia applicants are applying to be part of a pool of candidates for open positions in rural counties. Teach for Georgia cannot reserve positions for candidates and does not guarantee employment since individual counties do the actual hiring. The program instead offers assistance in finding and applying for teaching jobs throughout the state and has the specific contacts in the school system. We give your application to a real person who can make hiring decisions.

Participants receive:

  • tuition-free summer training at Tech before starting in the classroom
  • a paid mentor who will provide support throughout the two-year term
  • funds to cover the costs of the required Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) assessments (basic skills and content area) to receive a non-renewable (provisional) teaching certificate
  • funds to cover costs of applying to and completing a state-approved certification program (non-degree or a Master of Arts in Teaching) needed to acquire a full (clear renewable) teaching certificate
  • funds for materials and supplies
  • salary and benefits provided by the hiring county and the state

Basic eligibility requirements:

  • a bachelor's degree or higher in a STEM or STEM-related field
  • successful performance or exemption on the GACE Basic Skills assessment
  • successful performance on the GACE content assessment in your field of teaching
  • successful completion of a Georgia Tech summer teacher training program
  • minimum G.P.A. of 3.0

Teach for Georgia will support candidates for two years and help candidates acquire full (clear renewable) teaching certificate. Individuals who want to teach beyond the validity period of their provisional (non-renewable) teaching certificate must complete a certification program during the allotted time determined by the state (two-three years). Teachers with clear renewable certificates receive higher salaries. Teachers renew their contracts each year even if part of Teach for Georgia. Individual principals and counties will explain contract renewal policies and procedures and have the authority to renew or not renew a contract.

The application includes:

  • application form submitted via T-Square (application on this website)
  • two-three references (reference form on this website)
  • 750 word essay (topic included in application form)
  • interview (set up once completed application has been received)
  • resume

For more information, contact Susan Belmonte, Pre-Teaching Advisor, sbelmonte@gatech.edu (404)385-3494

See the FAQs, application, and other information under "Teach for Georgia" on this website.

Read "Vital Signs: Georgia" for more information and statistics about STEM education in the state.